Smokey Bro's at Carter's

Fresh from the kitchen at Carters, Smokey Bro’s new menu brings you the finest slowly cooked smoked meats.

Introducing first, coming with Spare Ribs, baby back ribs, chicken thighs, chicken wings & pulled pork, is the signature sharing platter for 2.

The Smokey Bro’s menu is available Friday & Saturdays from 5pm. Book your table now, £5pp booking fee applies which will come off your final bill.

Smoked Meat Sharing platter £14.95pp (2 people minimum)
A combination of all the finest smoked meats in one box for yours truly. Baby back ribs, chicken thighs, wings, pulled pork and burnt ends.

Full Rack Baby Back Ribs, Comes with slaw £13.95
Slow cooked succulent baby back ribs with a bbq honey glaze accompanied with a tub of BBQ sauce.

Sloppy Bro Sandwich, Served with fries and slaw £8.95 
A twist to the infamous “sloppy joe” sandwich. Sloppy Bro’s comes with the finest in smoked bourbon pulled pork, grilled onions, ketchup and jalapeños served in a vegan brioche bun.

Thighs & Fries £7.95
Thighs & Fries is a combo you can’t beat. 3 smoked BBQ chicken thighs and a nice portion of skin on fries completes this meal.

Wings & Fries £7.95
BBQ wings & fries combination in a box for one. (3 wings)

Dirty Mac n Cheese £6.95
Our infamous Mac just hit a level up. Topped with smoked pulled pork, bbq sauce and jalapeños.

Skin on fries £3.50
Cajun Fries £3.95
Buttery Charred Corn £2.50
BBQ Beans £2
Homemade Slaw £2

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